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Baltic View gives you exclusive access to films from the Baltic region. One new film is added to the platform each week with the worldwide access. Baltic View provides two ways to view films: at Cinema Events and Online. You are invited to see new films at Cinema Events in selected European cities, where older titles are available online. Baltic View gives the Baltic expat community an opportunity to discover, watch and share stories from their home and explore their rich cinematic and cultural identity through film.

For producers

Baltic View acquires rights to showcase films online globally. We can help producers with both old and new films. If you have a new film we can organise a Cinema Event in a selected location and your previous films can be launched on our Online Cinema Space. Baltic View aims to bring films to the public by organising quality events and helping the audience to meet the filmmakers. We introduce films to both Baltic expats and foreign cinema lovers.

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  • To be completely honest, I have been impressed with your entire lineup. Been crying out to see some fresh cinematic voices and you have answered my prayers. You've presented a wonderfully diverse selection of Baltic screen art. Will do my utmost over the coming years to help build an audience.

    Andy Lawrence film critic and blogger
  • When Baltic View officially launched in January, it could have been mistaken for just another streaming platform in the line of dozens, who are trying to make sense of the European digital market of today, if it weren’t for two aspects – strong curation of its content, and a clear regional focus.

    Tristan Priimägi film critic SIRP