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  • Estonian film November

    November + Q&A

    Estonian pagan and European Christian mythologies come together in this film. Both mythologies look for a miracle; for an ancient force that gives one a soul. This film is about souls – longing for a soul, selling your soul and living without a soul.

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  • Latvian film Knutification

    Knutification + Q&A

    Documentary about Latvian writer/poet Knuts Skujenieks, who was published but forbidden until the fall of the Soviet Union. His work has since been translated into more than 30 languages, but has only made it into English recently.

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  • Lithuanian film Miracle

    Miracle + Q&A

    It is 1992 and Lithuania has shifted from communism to capitalism, leaving the small collective pig farm managed by Irena, in dire straits. Irena struggles to keep the farm afloat until a handsome American, Bernardas, arrives pledging to save the struggling enterprise…

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  • Together For Ever event

    Film screening Together For Ever + Panel discussion (Q&A)

    BALTIC VIEW Network Ties opening with a film screening Together For Ever followed by a talk with film’s production designer and art director Sigita Simkunaite.

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  • My Father the Banker

    My Father the Banker (2015) w/ Director Q&A – Baltic View Season

    Baltic View presents My Father, The Banker with director Ieva Ozolina in attandence at the Deptford Cinema! It is a story of revolution, finance and family.

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  • The Green Musketeers

    The Green Musketeers (2015) – Baltic View Season

    Continuing Baltic View Season at the Deptford Cinema, we present the epic tale of ‘Atgaja’, a radical ecological and ethnological movement in late 1980’s Lithuania, and their idealist leader Saulius Gricius.

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  • The New World

    The New WORLD (2011) – Baltic View Season

    This is the anatomy of a revolution: a story about young people, relationships, and growing up. The film was selected as the Best Film of the Year by the Estonian Film Critics’ Association in 2011.

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  • Master and Tatyana

    Master and Tatyana / screening + Q&A

    The film Meistras ir Tatjana / Master and Tatyana is a story about the life of the famous Lithuanian photographer Vitas Luckus (1943-1987). The film director Giedrė Žickytė will attend the event and will take part in a Q&A after the screening.

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