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  • Baltic View Thunderclap campaign

    Baltic View Thunderclap campaign

    Baltic View helps us to unite Baltic people abroad and tell other communities about Baltic culture and the way of life. To celebrate the growth of this project we decided to give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of what Baltic cinema’s all about.

    If you join us now, you’ll get access to any film from our selection for free! And if your friends decide to join, you’ll get a chance to see another film!

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  • Baltic View News

    Baltic View presents two prizes at Baltic Event in Tallinn

    In partnership with Noir Lumiere Baltic View presents two in-kind awards at the Works in Progress session during Baltic Event. Selected films will be awarded a DCP production+online storage and international promotion with Baltic View Cinema Events. Total value per film 3000 €.​ Prizes will be presented to the films with the ​boldest vision and biggest potential internationally.

  • New Baltic View animated ident

    New Baltic View animated ident

    We are grateful to the talented team for our beautiful ident. Animation and direction by Emilija Juzeliunaite, idea and art direction by Marija Benetyte, music composition by Christopher Sarantis, sound design and supervision by Payam Hosseinian & Adam Ledbetter, produced by Kinomind Films.

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  • Baltic View News

    Olga Pavlyukevich joins Baltic View

    We are very excited to welcome a new team member! Olga Pavlyukevich joins Baltic View as Head of Communications.

  • Baltic View News

    Baltic View presents an award at Locarno Festival

    El Padre Medico by Vytautas Puidokas receives First Look award by Baltic View in partnership with Noir Lumiere.

  • Baltic View first cinema event

    Baltic View launches Cinema Event outlet with screening + Q&A in London

    The first official Baltic View Cinema Event with a Lithuanian documentary film Master and Tatyana took place in London on the 14th of June at CINÉ LUMIÈRE – the French Institute. The event was a success – it was almost sold out!

    The film’s director Giedrė Žickytė attended the event, where the Q&A was conducted by another Lithuanian documentary film director Neringa Medutytė (both pictured).



    Spring greetings from Baltic View! As trees blossom and eggs begin to hatch, our theme for this month is Breaking the Mould – stories of people who have defied conventions, limitations and expectations.

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  • Partnership with Locarno Festival

    Partnership with Locarno Festival

    Baltic View signs partnership agreement with Locarno Festival, First Look initiative to help promote Baltic View. Baltic View will present a prize in cooperation with our partner Noir Lumiere in August, 2017.

  • Baltic View and Event Cinema Association

    Baltic View joins Event Cinema Association

    Baltic View becomes a member of the Event Cinema Association, UK, which has active members across Europe and worldwide.

  • March films LIVES OF THE MASTERS


    We are celebrating the Lives of the Masters throughout the month of March with a series of films about iconic Baltic figures in art, sports, film and theatre.

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  • Partnership with Festival Scope Pro

    Partnership with Festival Scope Pro

    Baltic View partners with Festival Scope Pro to launch a programme of Baltic films – a Baltic View Online Festival.

  • February film programme FIGHT FOR FREEDOM

    February – FIGHT FOR FREEDOM

    As millions of people march and protest in Europe and the US in a fight for their values, Baltic View looks back at the Singing Revolution 1987-1991, which led to the freedom of the three Baltic States from the Soviet Union.

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  • BALTIC VIEW launches the first films selection PURE BEGINNINGS

    Baltic View launches its first film selection PURE BEGINNINGS

    Baltic View is focusing on films from the Baltics and is committed to bringing a new film every week for the next six months, so you can watch them wherever and whenever you like!

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    Baltic View Soft Launch

    Baltic View soft launched in December 2016 with 24 short films in 4 programmes and has been watched 2150 times in 65 countries.

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    Baltic View Pitch #1

    In Tallinn, during Baltic Event Baltic View project has been presented during works in progress session – showcase of films from the Baltic Countries in 2016.


    Baltic View @ SOFA!

    BALTIC VIEW has been selected to the training programme SOFA. The 1st workshop takes place in Wroclaw, Poland in August and 2nd workshop will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia in May 2017.

  • BALTIC VIEW receives funding

    Baltic View receives funding!

    BALTIC VIEW has received funding from the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania and begins preparation for action launch in December 2016.