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Family Ties

May 2017

  • Watch trailer Film Alone


    Audrius Stonys

    A sad child is going to pay a visit to her mother in prison. Her solitude is immense. Sitting in the backseat, she looks on in silence outside the window while the landscape passes in front of her eyes.

    Watch 18 min
  • Watch trailer Film I love Head Teacher

    I Love Head Teacher

    Viktoras Starosas

    This is a story about meritorious educator Viktorija Kaupeliene, a head teacher of Vilnius Children Care Home No.1 and her colleagues who replace family to the children neglected, left without love and care from their parents.

    Watch 28 min
  • Watch trailer Film Strays


    Sutharsan Bala

    Nazeeya is a 24 year old immigrant girl from the Caucasus who lives in Estonia with her grandfather Jassim and younger brother Emir. Nazeeya has one day to find a man to marry in Estonia, before her grandfather, a devout Muslim man, marries her away to his friend back home.

    Watch 38 min
  • Watch trailer Film Father


    Marat Sargsyan

    Vidas Zenonas Antonovas stole around a million rubles from the state’s institutions and has been recorded in the book of the most interesting criminals of Soviet Union. Together with his accomplices he hijacked a plane with passengers in order to split for Africa. 20 years of his time he did in 15 different prisons. Now he is 71 and has a big family – 10 children, 2 grandchildren and a newborn son.

    Watch 1 h
  • Watch trailer FIlm Conversations on Serious Topics

    Conversations on Serious Topics

    Giedre Beinoriute

    A film without exterior action, props, landscapes or special effects. Its main characters are children and teenagers with a special ability to describe the surrounding world.

    Watch 1 h 5 min