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Fight for Freedom

February 2017

  • Watch trailer Film Monument to Remember

    A Monument to Please Everyone

    Kristina Norman

    In an atmosphere ripe with nationalism, two young engineers are commissioned by the Estonian Ministry of Defence to erect the country’s most important monument – a statue commemorating the War of Independence. With strong political and social pressure, the main characters of the film find themselves in many tragicomic situations and a constant row of ordeals. All of this paints a colourful and unique picture of the creation of a symbol during a time of financial crisis in Estonia.

    Watch 1 h 28 min
  • Watch trailer Film How We Played the Revolution

    How We Played the Revolution

    Giedre Zickyte

    This is the story about the small country that in the certain period of history managed to overshadow all the other news headlines in the world. This is the story about the people who raised their independence with the smiles and songs regardless of the danger of the situation.

    Watch 1 h 9 min
  • Watch trailer Film Ivans


    Andrejs Verhoustinskis

    The documentary “Īvāns” is a story about Dainis Īvāns, leader of the National Awakening movement between late 1980s and early 1990s, a human symbol of the recent history of Latvia who embodies all hope, idealism, disappointment, choices, compromises, wins and losses. Eventually, he finds strength within himself to return to his roots, rather than let grindstones of history crush him, to be more than just an accidental figure in the big plan of destiny.

    Watch 1 h 21 min
  • Watch trailer Film Temporary


    Jurate Samulionyte

    Saule (15) and Liucija (6) are two sisters living alone, waiting for their parents who have temporarily gone to London in search of work. The biggest responsibility falls on older Saule’s shoulders – she must take care of Liucija, look after home while dealing with the usual issues of a teenager’s life. With so much on her plate and the huge stress Saule is unable to fit in with her peers. The girls do their best to live on their own and struggle with reality but sometimes being a grown-up is just too hard.

    Watch 26 min
  • Watch trailer Film The Balcony

    The Balcony

    Giedre Beinoriute

    An undistinguished province town of the 80’s. After parents’ divorce, 11-year-old Rolanas and his dad move in next door to same-aged Emilija. Friendship is born between the kids, however, shyness or fear of opening-up makes them communicate through the wall, sitting in their own balconies, o through a socket connecting their flats.

    Watch 47 min