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Pure Beginnings

January 2017

  • Watch trailer Film Land of Soul

    Land of Soul

    Kullar Viimne and Erik Norkroos

    In a forgotten countryside, six hours drive from Chicago, near Gleason village there is an alley called Estonian Church Road. In the end of this alley or more like a road between fields there stands a little wooden church and an abandoned graveyard allegedly with a dozen graves next to it. This building with a broken roof and a leaning tower is the first church in America built by Estonians. It was built a hundred years ago and is desperately in need of repair.

    Watch 1 h 9 min
  • Watch trailer Film Dreaming the Path

    Dreaming the Path

    Jokubas Vilius Turas

    "Dreaming the Path" is a road movie about self-discovery and a quest for lost faith, during which the author undertakes a gruelling journey by foot from his home in Vilnius to join the "camino" to Santiago de Compostela. Braving the harsh Polish and German winter, marvelling at the French spring and enduring the hot Spanish summer, the author must also find inner strength and courage to overcome hardship, frustration, and the self-destructive lifestyle he engaged in during his youth.

    Watch 1 h 23 min
  • Watch trailer Film The Green Musketeers

    The Green Musketeers

    Jonas Ohman

    On the brink of collapse of the Soviet Union a charismatic engineer, Saulius Gricius, initiated a movement of young people in Lithuania. The members of the movement were passionate about reviving the country. They exited the reality formed by the Soviet society, into the realm of nature, history and national heritage, forming personal bonds that in turn provided a formidable informal infrastructure for courageous actions. The movement rapidly evolved into a vanguard for a national revival, eventually encouraging political action and bringing the country to the “Singing Revolution”, which marked the end of the Soviet era. Sadly, as a result of the political victory, Saulius' life, too, came to its end. A moving tale about the formation of a new country, and the inevitable costs of such an undertaking.

    Watch 1 h 25 min