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The Lives of Masters

March 2017

  • Watch trailer Film About Jonas

    About Jonas

    Jokubas Vilius Turas

    Artist Jonas Vaitkus speaks of his career, his projects and ideas. He knows ins and outs of theater like no one else, and shares what he has learned and sometimes tought throughout the years. He does it so openly. Vaitkus recalls the years passed just as they were: ugly, raw, and yet with moments of pure bliss. And thus it went, from the opening night till the curtains fell.

    Watch 1 h 11 min
  • Watch trailer Film Arvydas Sabonis

    Arvydas Sabonis 11′

    Rimvydas Cekavicius

    A nation idolized him. A beauty queen married him. Millions were offered to him. Two American secretaries of state petitioned a Soviet premier on behalf of this... basketball player. One of the greatest Lithuanians ever Arvydas Sabonis is larger than life in his own country. “Arvydas Sabonis. 11' shows legendary Sabas, his family, and their daily life from unseen perspective.

    Watch 1 h 38 min
  • Watch trailer Film The Bug Planner

    The Bug Trainer

    Rasa Miskinyte

    The Bug Trainer was created by several directors, although it remains essentially Rasa Miškinytė’s film, born of a personal passion to celebrate the pioneering puppet animator Wladyslaw Starewicz (1882-1965), and to bring his work “back to the film world and the audience.”

    Watch 53 min
  • Watch trailer Films Klucis

    Klucis: The Deconstruction of an Artist

    Peteris Krilovs

    This film is a deeply personal view on the life of artist Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art, whose life drama reflects the tragedy of a whole nation during the years of Stalin’s repressions. It is a story about boundless ambitions, hope, love and artist’s responsibility that continues haunting him after his death.

    Watch 56 min