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Young Stories

Fall 2017

  • Watch trailer Film Little Jerusalem

    Little Jerusalem

    Monika Navickaite

    It’s difficult to explain what kind of relationship you have with your family and siblings, especially when you are a teenager. And one of them now is Vytautas, the main character of the short film Little Jerusalem.

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  • Watch trailer Film Idea


    Pijus Maciulskis

    The film, heavily influenced by film noir, tells us about one professor’s experiments on young men and women in a quest to find out how to generate ideas mechanically. It talks about ideas and their development, questioning what they are and where do they come from.

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  • Watch trailer


    Ugne Zemaityte

    The film questions the whole definition of beauty and its temporary nature. As the main character evolves and eventually destructs herself with guitar playing in the background, we are invited to get over ourselves and forget about how others perceive us for a minute.

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  • Watch trailer Film Cake is Cake

    Cake is Cake

    Ugne Balsyte

    As they say it’s a piece of cake for pies to get a reputation. “A pie is a pie for one great day. Last week, / It was Jell-O. Tomorrow, it’ll be cake.” Great pace of the life of a pie raises question about our overthinking, disapproval, low self-confidence. I tell you everything is great, says a pie.

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  • Watch trailer Films The Portrait of Fear

    The Portrait of Fear

    Auguste Kuneviciute

    This film centers around a young cosmetic consultant Victoria (played by Elenah Kruk). When a woman collapses in front of her eyes, Victoria starts to hear a voice in her head that tries to manipulate on her fears.

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  • Watch trailer Film Fish


    Meida Lileikyte and Rokas Kaminskas

    Beautifully shot wide images of the nature and a single figure standing on the shore by the water, strengthens the feeling of loneliness which is felt in the whole film.

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  • Watch trailer Film Layers


    Alanas Gurinas

    Short documentary depicts three different perspectives of being a skateboarder. Vilnius as seen through the eyes of skaters is very dreamy. But using footage, spanning 3 years, the film shows not only a romantic side of skating but also uncovers a range of stereotypes and conflicts.

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  • Watch trailer Film Collector


    Vytenis Jankauskas

    While having his casual morning coffee the protagonist (played by Adomas Juska) finds a strange advert on the paper. ‘Sunsets for sale’ is written on it. Driven by curiosity the boy decides to check it out. Surprisingly, he finds more than he could ever expect.

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